Samsung Galaxy Fold New Specs

Samsung Galaxy Fold New Specs Create Now Like Different Type Phone And Now Durability Test.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Finally this new event second version out in Zack from JerryRigEverything Did his sign test procedure first folding mobile.

The new phone outside 4.6-inch and try to test make screen scratches, but nothing to worry is displayed is normale like other phones. The other think main part 7.3 inch screen never doing hot though - other than level 2 enough was cause damage, The panel got scratched by a fingernail.

Moving some placed on Fold's primary display make its show that redesigned Fold still good kept away from dusty places. Upside mobile still continues work function is normal.

They have side, button on the phone same as other mobile's and build from metal while backside features a solid glass made. The Exciting was that plastic display survives and many times to burn multiple tries, but not affect the screen.

Finally thinking That have important test, is bend try to bend the wrong direction didn't manage to break the screen. Maybe visible damage like some light cracks along plastic and antenna lines. The manage is a hole in the screen with a knife but the top half display unresponsive but otherwise, the Samsung Galaxy Fold came out intact.  

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